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Occasionally, though no longer as common as it was a few years ago Marsupialization was a procedure that created a permanent drainage site, to prevent a cyst and/or abscess from re-occurring. The procedure involves a medical doctor creating a permanent drainage site through incision and stitches. The idea behind this procedure is that cysts and abscesses form when the gland is unable to drain, by creating a larger and permanent drainage site the gland will always be able to drain and a cyst or abscess cannot form. Recommendation for this procedure is often offered to those who have had several “flares” either cyst or abscess in a short period of time or back to back.


It has recently come to light that this procedure is not nearly as beneficial or successful as once thought my the medical/gynecological community. While marsupialization does increase drainage permanently studies indicate that 60% of those who have had the procedure report re-occurrences despite the operation. More interestingly, those who have had the procedure remark that what was once a problem, isolated to just one gland has now “switched” or “hoped” to the other gland.

In the end…


Choose wisely–there are still many doctors who insist that this procedure is the only thing that can be done short of removing the entire gland(something that should be reserved as a last ditch recourse under all circumstances). Never let your health care provider “bully” you into making decisions that you are uncomfortable with and do your homework before committing to a life and physically changing surgery as this.



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