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The Bartholin Gland

The Unknown Gland

So what is a Bartholin Gland anyhow? Pronounced BAHR-toe-lin, this tiny little gland  is actually two glands that make up a portion of of the greater vistibular gland system–a complex network designed to keep the vaginal area optimally moist, free from chafing and lubricated during intercourse. The Bartholin glands are located just above and to the right and left of the vaginal opening. For the most part, these glands are entirely invisible to the naked eye, though a small divet may be felt on the skin surface.  Interestingly, men too have a similar gland; however it is located deeper in the perineal pouch and is referred to as a bulbourethral gland. The Bartholin glands main  function under normal circumstances is to secrete mucus which aides in vaginal lubrication and moisture balance. Lubrication occurs externally as well as internally–the gland has another set of vents higher up along the vaginal walls. Most women do not even know that this gland exists, mainly because it remains silent and typically does not cause any problems.


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